Sli Beatha contains 33 ceims, or degrees. Recognizing the triune of nature,
and its manifestation in man as physical, mental and spiritual,
Sli Beatha is divided into three segments of training.
The first third of the system includes ceims 1-10,
and is considered the "physical" aspect of the system. While a great deal of mental application is involved,
it is during this phase that the student learns the majority of the physical techniques of the system.
   The second third of the system includes ceims 11-20,
and is considered the mental phase of the system. Weapons training is begun in this phase.
   Ceims 21-33 comprise the upper third of the system,
considered the spiritual phase, and is for those who choose to pursue the study of greater understanding
of the principles, purposes and applicability of Sli Beatha in life.